Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is “Cost Effective Filters”?

A: We are a family owned small business located near Hagerstown, Maryland USA.

Our Postal Address is:

Cost Effective Filters

15609 Broadfording Rd.

Clear Spring, Maryland 21722


Q: How can you sell a filter that works as good or better than the original equipment manufacturer's product for less than half the originals retail price?

A: Low overhead, mass production, and no middleman. Our filters are mass manufactured in a factory. Orders are taken and processed using the Internet, and shipped from our office.

Q: Why is there no telephone number posted on your web site?

A: Since we sell our filters all over the world, we would have to staff a phone line 24 hours a day to effectively utilize the telephone in our business. This would add significantly to the cost of our filters. We have found that email works very effectively for the vast majority of our customers who wish to contact us. For individuals who live in the USA and feel that they would really like to speak to us by telephone, you may email us your phone number with a request to call you and we will be glad to do so. Please specify a preferred time that you would like us to call and the time zone you are in.

Q: How long do your filters last?

A: You can expect our filters to last as long (or longer) than the original "Aqua Klean" filters. We are proud to say that we have been selling these filters worldwide and have had many emails giving us positive feedback. We are confident that you will also find them to serve you well and to be an exceptional value.

To answer this question in more detail:

We have never had a report of our filters lasting less than 3 months. They have the potential last a good bit longer, but filter life depends on a lot of factors. Our filters are made of a material that does not dissolve or rot under typical spa conditions. Even most solvents will not harm them. Eventually, on a microscopic level, the pores in any filter material gradually become clogged. Washing removes the bigger particles, but does not get them all. So, as the pores get clogged, water flow begins to get increasingly restricted resulting in increased suction pressure from the filter pump. This is why your spa manual recommends you replace your filters every so often. We recommend that you follow the replacement interval specified in your Spa Owner's Manual.

Anytime a more than usual amount of “dirt” gets into your water, it will shorten the life span of your filters. This “dirt” can come from higher than normal bathing frequency, entering the spa with dirt on the bathers, dry or flaky skin conditions of a bather(s), dusty air conditions, and so on.

For people who are careful to not get much dirt and other matter in their spa water, we have seen our filters used for six or seven months (but we recommend that you follow the replacement interval specified in your Spa Owner's Manual). As the microscopic pores become increasingly clogged, the filter material will typically become more and more colored (usually gray or yellowish depending on water conditions and contaminants). So, if the filter material changes color significantly or your filter pump sounds like it is working harder, it is time to replace the filters. If these warning signs are ignored, excessive suction can build in your pump system and can result in the clogged filters tearing or possible excessive wear on your pump and/or motor. This holds true regardless of what brand filter you are using.

Q: Will using your filters compromise my warranty?

A: There is no technical reason that our filters will compromise your warranty since they offer the same flow and filtering characteristics as the original L.A. Spa filters. But, since L.A. Spas dictates the terms of their warranty, we cannot speak for them. We must therefore recommend you check the written terms of your warranty to see if L.A. Spas requires you to use only their filters as a term of their warranty. We do not know that L.A. Spas says anything about using another brand of filter in their spa. But if they say you must use only their filters, it would be a similar situation to an automobile manufacturer who might claim you have to use their brand of oil filter to maintain your warranty.

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